Types Of Drawings Used In Building Construction

Types Of Drawings Used In Building Construction:

Drawings are the most important things we need to start any construction project. There are different types of drawings for different purposes. In this article, we will discuss different types of construction drawings (also known as working drawing).

Construction drawings provide detail measurements and clear section of every building parts. After reviewing, the drawings are justified and modified and finally approved for construction. The different types of construction drawings are listed below.

1 Architectural Drawing:

This type of drawing provides complete view of a building. It demonstrates the location of building and all building parts where they will be placed. There are different types of architectural drawings with different names such as plan, elevation, section etc.


2 Structural Drawing:

As the name suggests, this type of drawing provides information about structure, like strength of different structural elements, structural materials, grade, size and placement of reinforcement etc.

3 Electrical Drawing:

This type of drawings provide the details and location of electrical wiring, fixtures, sub-station etc. The electrical load calculation is also given in the drawing.

4 Plumbing And Sanitary Drawings:

These drawings give the location of sanitary, piping for water supply system, fixture, and the process to connect every fixture etc.

5 Finishing Drawing:

This types of drawings contain the details of finishing and appearance of the building such as marbles, tiles, etc.

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  1. Under which drawing are we going to get the positions of furniture and other things that compliment the rooms including electronics and there dimensions?


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