Points To Be Observed In Scaffolding

The following points should be observed in scaffolding:

1. Standards should be created to rest on hard and rigid ground. If hard and farm ground is not available, standards may be created on ordinary timber sole plate.

2. Loadings on the scaffolding should not be heavy.

3. The scaffoldings should be tied at appropriate levels of the buildings. To tie the scaffoldings, horizontal or vertical bullies can be used inside the building and secure scaffolding to it by tying putlogs through door or window openings. To give lateral support to the scaffoldings rakers should be used.

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4. To enable working at heights, working platforms should be lifted by lengthening the standards and providing extra ledgers and putlogs.

5. Holes left in the walls should be filled immediately after withdrawing of putlogs.

6.  The spacing between standards should be made according to the load to be carried and section of the standards.

7. Special patented scaffoldings should be used for constructing structures like towers, domes, chimneys etc.

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