Beautiful One-Story Blue House Design Idea

Hello and welcome to another post on house design. In this post, we are featuring a single story blue colored house design that really looks beautiful and attractive. Let’s check it out.

This house has:

  • 2 Bedrooms,
  • Living Room,
  • Kitchen,
  • Bathroom.

The house features galvanized gable roof and brick wall smoothly plastered. The size of the house is 8 x 14 meters i.e 112 sq.m. The exterior wall is beautifully painted with light blue and white color. The modern house with a simple shed roof is covered with metal sheets.

The facade provides a small porch enclosed with white balustrade.

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The three columns not only hold the attached verandah roof but also adds beauty to the house.

The house consist sliding main glass doors and long glass window.

The entry stairs are matching.

A close look of the entrance. You can see how appealing the blue and white combination.

The interior of the house really fantastic. The walls in creamy tones are comfortable and the ceiling is simple white tone. The floors are decorated with marbles which looks beautiful and perfect.

The windows are covered with simple but nice curtains.

The size of the room is quite large.

The room has sliding glass window with a nice curtain.

One of the doors is sliding and the other one is wooden.

This is the washing basin with a oval shaped mirror above.

The toilet cum bathroom is also great.

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