How To Build Strong Foundation For Structures

How To Build Strong Foundation For Structures:

Foundation is one of the most important parts of a structure because it transfers loads of the structure to the underneath soil. That means the whole structure stands on the foundation. So we need to build a strong foundation to support the structural loads adequately. Here are some useful construction tips which should be followed in order to build a strong foundation.

1.The soil on which the structure is to be constructed should be strong and the foundation should be continuous.

2. A dry base ( soil under the foundation) should be provided to avoid liquefaction and sinking of structure during earthquake.

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3. There are different factors which can affect the depth of the foundation such as, ground water table, bearing capacity of soil, excavation allowance, shrinkage and swelling due to seasonal changes, depth of frost penetration etc. So considering these factors the minimum depth of foundation should be 1.5 m.

4. Only broken stones should be used in the construction of foundation, round and unbroken stones should be avoided.

5. To join the stones properly, sufficient mortar should be used and if required, reinforcement can also be used to increase the overall strength of the structure.

6. The width of footings for one and half brick wall should be 1 m and for one brick wall 75 cm.

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