How To Calculate Quantity Of Asphalt For Road Construction

How To Calculate Asphalt Quantity For Road:

There are many who get confused between asphalt and bitumen. They think that asphalt and bitumen are the same, but technically they are not.

Asphalt is a composite material mixture of aggregates, binder (bitumen), and sand. Aggregates used for asphalt mix could be crushed rock, sand, gravel, or slags.

Whereas Bitumen is actually the liquid binder that holds asphalt together. The term bitumen is often mistakenly used to describe asphalt.

Asphalt is widely used for constructing and maintaining all types of roads be it for highways, inner-city and inter-city roads, local roads, car parks, or paving driveways and pavements. I will briefly discuss the difference between asphalt and bitumen in another article.

Here, I will discuss how to calculate the quantity of asphalt and its cost for road construction. The calculation is very easy, you only need some data.


Length of road = L = 5 km = 5000 m

Width of road = W = 6 m

Thickness of asphalt = H = 150 mm = 0.15 m

Quantity Of Asphalt Calculation:

The volume of asphalt = L x W x H = 5000 x 6 x 0.15 = 4500 m3

Here, density of asphalt is taken as 2330kg/m3

Therefore, quantity of asphalt = Volume of asphalt x Density of asphalt

= 4500 x 2330 = 10485000 kg = 10485 tons

Cost of asphalt:

Suppose the cost of 1 ton asphalt is 6000 rs.

Cost of asphalt = 10485 x 6000 = 62910000 rs


In case the area you are calculating has an irregular shape, divide it into several regularly-shaped sections, then calculate each of their volume and asphalt requirements using the above method. Finally, sum them up together.

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