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How To Calculate Volume Of Cement Bag In m3

Calculating volume of 50 kg cement bag is very simple and easy. You just need to know the unit weight of cement.

Unit Weight (Density) of Cement in loose condition = 1440 kg/m3

We know that, Density = Mass/Volume

Therefore, Volume = Mass/Density

Mass of 1 Bag cement = 50 Kg

Volume in Cu.m = 50/1440

0.034722 Cu.m

Converting Cu.m to Cft. by multiplying 35.3147

We get,

Volume in Cft = 0 .0347 x 35.314 = 1.22539

1.225 Cft.

Volume in Liters = 0.034722 x 1000 = 34.722 Lit.

i.e., 35 Liters

Volume Of Cement In Different Units:

Sl. No.UnitVolume

“Happy Learning”

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  1. Sir I want Quantities for M30 for 0.11M3

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