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How To Calculate Water Content For 1 m³ M25 Concrete

How To Calculate Water Content For 1 m³ M25 Concrete?

The calculation of water content for 1 m³ M25 concrete is very easy and simple.

We just need to know:

1. Consumption of cement per m³

2. Water-cement ratio.

Here, Grade of concrete is M25.

If it’s a design mix, both of these parameters shall be obtained the laboratory.

In absence of this information, let’s proceed by some assumptions:

Cement required for 1 m³ of M25 grade concrete is 9.51 bags.( Standard data)

As we know 1 bag of cement contains 50 kg of cement.

∴ 9.51*50 = 476 Kg of cement.

Let’s assume that the water cement ratio is 0.5.

Remember the formula :

W/c ratio =Water content /Cement content


Water content= Cement content x W/c ratio

Water content = 476 Kg x 0.5 = 238 Kg.

We know, 1 Kg =1 litre

So water content= 238 Kg. = 238 Litres

Add 5% wastage of water during mixing, handling,

∴ Water content = 5×238/100 + 238 = 250 litres.

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