How To Make A Small Bathroom Look Bigger


Even if your bathroom is small, it does not have to appear so. You can create the effect of a larger bathroom with a few changes or remodels, all without moving a single wall.

These small bathroom ideas go beyond maximizing available space, demonstrating that bold design elements can be entirely at home in even the smallest of rooms.

Here are the best methods to make small bathrooms (often windowless) feel less crowded and more inviting. Your small bathroom could become your new favorite room.


How To Make A Small Bathroom Look Bigger

1. Purchase a Larger Mirror

Mirrors not only give the impression of more space in the bathroom, but they also reflect more light into it. If your bathroom already has a mirror, consider increasing its size.


Mirrors with no frames create the illusion of additional space. Screw into studs to support larger mirrors. If mirroring a complete wall isn’t feasible in your situation, you can simply add extra mirrors to one wall.

2.Colors Should Be Light and Bright

A wood floor and vanity add warmth and serenity to this city bathroom. Natural light from the window is reflected in a gentle mint-green tone.

The area around the freestanding tub and the lightweight curtain fabric enable maximum light to pass through, making the room feel more open.

3. Maximize Natural Light

Natural light is always the best option if more light is preferable in a small bathroom. Allow Mother Nature to handle the heavy work.

Allow enough light to enter and bounce off your tile or glossy wall finish by opening your windows. This aerates your bathroom, creates the illusion of space, and will make any bathroom appear larger.

This is the simplest technique to do, and the benefits are astounding, considering all you have to do is open a few shades or windows. Windows and skylights that can produce light may be painted over, filthy, or obscured by curtains. 

4. Luminous Lighting

If you leave your bathroom to natural illumination, it will only appear larger during the day and then revert to its tiny, cramped space when the sun goes down.

The simple solution is to install bright lighting fixtures. When the sun goes down, you can flip a switch to have the lights take over for nature until the sun rises the next day.

5. Use Frameless Glass Screens

Using a glass panel is a terrific way to add to the sensation of space in a bathroom. A transparent glass shower screen will efficiently reflect light and open up the area, allowing you to see the entire bathroom without any obstruction, instantly making it feel larger.

Replace the shower curtain with a glass shower door. A shower curtain will make the space smaller and prevent light from entering the room.

6. Replace The Vanity Cabinet In Bathroom

Covering the floor with a vanity or storage bin tends to create a claustrophobic environment as well as tripping hazards. One of the most significant advantages of bathroom vanity cabinets is storing stuff beneath the sink and behind closed doors.

However, vanity cabinets are also a waste of space in small bathrooms. Replace your vanity cabinet with a pedestal sink or cantilevered countertop to make additional space. While pedestal sinks provide extra floor space, reduce your countertop space too.

7. Make Use of a Ledge to Create Space

A small ledge running the length of this bathroom is the ideal perch for a mirror, toothbrush, and other necessities.

8. Invest in New Bathroom Accessories

Printed towels, vintage rugs, and smart lighting also lend a personal touch. Lighting and bathroom fixtures are like the space’s jewelry, so use them to add a touch of glitz to the area.

9. Don’t Go Overboard With The Decorations

Decorative elements like artwork and tiny rugs are enjoyable to incorporate and help to make a small bathroom feel warm and inviting. However, if left unchecked, they can create significant clutter.

Consider removing unnecessary objects from the bathroom if you are a collector. Clutter removal is absolutely free and has an instant impact. Instead of purchasing multiples of each item, limit yourself to one of each.

Consider whether the item has any functional value. If you can’t take the thought of parting with anything, relocate it to another room.

10. Match The Color Of Walls and Flooring

One of the simplest ways to create the sense of space in a tiny bathroom is to use the same flooring from the shower to the rest of the bathroom, with space beneath the vanity to notice the continuity of that flooring.

Scale experimentation is also effective. The hexagonal tiny bathroom tile ideas on the floor offer a decorative element and contrast to the white square wall tiles that divide the bath and shower space.

11. Use Similar Materials In Bathroom

A bathroom with a broad selection of incompatible materials might be chaotic, giving the impression that the bathroom is cramped and congested.

You have an overflow of different materials in your tiny bathroom if it has glass mosaic on the wainscot, striated marble tile on the floor, painted drywall above the wainscot, ceramic tile in the shower, and other dissimilar materials.

Consider replacing some of the components with similar ones to reduce visual noise. In most cases, tile wainscot in the bathroom (but not in the shower or tub) can be replaced with a drywall and baseboard wall system.

You can remove a ceramic tile countertop and replace it with a quartz countertop similar to the shower/tub surround. If you can’t remove the tile, consider painting over it. Use larger size tiles when replacing floor tiles.

12. To Stay Organized, Use Closed Storage

Bottles and tubes scattered across the counters will undoubtedly detract from even the most beautiful bath. Close storage is recommended to keep things tucked away, such as a linen closet or vanity with drawers and doors. Only show your favorite and most frequently used well-designed products.

13. Don’t Swing, Slide

Small bathroom ideas are all about being inventive and rethinking standard features. In this case, you can replace a regular door with a sliding pocket door to free up the floor area previously dedicated for the door swing.

This tiny bathroom has a sliding door with a frosted-glass screen that lets in natural light while maintaining seclusion. Bifold doors (which fold up like a screen) can also help you conserve room.

14. Combine Your Shower and Bath

Install your shower over your bath if there isn’t enough space for a separate shower cubicle. This still gives you both options while taking up the same floor space as the bathtub.

15. Attach Things To The Wall

Whatever your bathroom’s size, wall-hung units – or units on narrow legs – are the ideal option for faking square footage since you can see beneath them all the way to the room’s corners.

Choose a design that is the same color as your walls for a unified aesthetic, and think about wall-mounted taps, which allow for slimline basins and extra space on top of them for bathroom accouterments. Suspended fixtures are an excellent technique to increase floor space.

Bathroom vanities, cupboards, and even the toilet can be affixed to the wall rather than the floor, resulting in an uninterrupted line of flooring and an easier to navigate bathroom.

16. Recess Your Shelves Into The Walls

This is a practical and aesthetically beautiful way to build shelving into the walls. Because nothing protrudes from the walls, it frees up space in your bathroom. It also keeps the lines straight, making the room appear larger.

17. Reflect a Beautiful View

Your mirror should ideally reflect a light source, such as a window or open door. If this isn’t possible, don’t reflect on bland, like the toilet. Make the mirror a focal point by reflecting a vase of fresh flowers or a lovely ornament.

18. Change Angles For Curves

The visual flow of a bathroom is important to its success which includes the bathroom’s color palette, the cohesion of the fixtures and fittings, and how the floor and wall tiles interact.

You can borrow some by literally cutting corners when floor space is limited. This is where curves come into play. Baths, showers, and furniture with rounded edges are much friendlier and, of course, save space, all of which contribute to the visual flow of the bathroom.

19. Push The Walls Apart Visually

If your bathroom is long and narrow, you should use horizontal lines to create the illusion of extra width. Use horizontal floor tiles to open up the room and make it appear larger.

20. Use Shower Curtain That Reaches To The ceiling

Anything that extends from the floor to the ceiling, whether it’s bookshelves, windows, or, in the case of a bathroom, your shower curtain or glass wall makes the space feel larger.

21. Install a skylight in a Small Bathroom

You must introduce as much (natural) light as possible into your small bathroom. Skylights are an excellent method to add extra natural light to your bathroom.

This is an excellent alternative when you can’t add a standard window to your bathroom. On the other hand, a skylight is frequently a fantastic alternative for privacy.

22. Make Good Use Of The Corners

In a small bathroom, deviate from the standard measurements and use the corners well. You can also position the washbowl in a corner.

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