Minimum Cover For Reinforcement in Cast-In-Place Concrete

Minimum Cover For Reinforcement in Cast-In-Place Concrete:

The clear cover is the distance between the outer surface of concrete to the nearest surface of reinforcing bar.

Clear cover varies in different conditions. The clear cover for cast-in-place concrete is given in the below table.

Sl. No.                                               ConditionsMinimum cover (inches)
1Concrete cast against and permanently exposed to earth3
2Concrete exposed to weather or earthNo. 6 to no. 18 bar2
No. 5 bar, W31 or D31 wire
and smaller
1 ½
3Concrete unexposed to weather or in contact with the ground.Slabs, Walls, and JoistNo. 14 and no. 18 bar1 ½
No. 11 bar and smaller¾
Beams and columnsPrimary reinforcement, ties, stirrups, and spirals1 ½
Shells and folded plate members.No. 6 bar and large bars.¾
No. 5 bar, W31 or D31 wire and smaller.½
4Concrete tilt-up panels cast against a rigid horizontal surface, like concrete slab.No. 8 bar and smaller.1
No. 9 to no. 18 bar.2
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