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Flow Table Test To Measure The Flow Value Of Concrete

Flow Table Test To Measure The Flow Value Of Concrete:

Flow Table Test

Flow Table Test Equipment


To measure flow value of concrete using flow table test.


1. Flow table

2. Mould shaped as slump cone.

3. Wooden tamping bar.

Procedure Of Test:

1. Prepare a leveled surface and place the flow table on the surface.

2. Use a damp cloth to clean the top of the table and the inner surface of the mould.

3. Place the slump cone shaped mould on the table.

4. Fill the cone with fresh concrete in two equal layers and start tamping each layer 10 times using the wooden tamping bar.

5. After tamping the concrete is then struck off flush with the upper edge of the cone and the free area of the top of the table is cleaned off.

6. After half a minute of striking off, lift the cone vertically.

7. Then raise the table top by the handle and allow it to fall 15 times in 15 seconds. The concrete spreads itself out.

8. Measure the diameter of spread concrete in two dimensions parallel to the table edges.



The arithmetic mean of the two diameters shall be the measured flow in millimeters.

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