General Specifications Of A First Class Building

General Specifications Of A First Class Building

The general specifications of a first class building are listed below.

1. Foundation & Plinth

First class bricks with cement or lime mortar shall be used in the foundation and plinth of a building.


2. Filling

Local sand shall be used to fill the foundation trenches and plinth.

3. DPC

2.5 cm thick cement concrete shall be used in the damp proof course and 5 % pudlo or other good waterproofing materials shall be used at DPC.

4. Superstructure

Superstructure shall be made of first class brick work in cement mortar. Lintels over doors and windows shall be of R.C.C.

5. Roofing

The roof shall be of 10 cm R.C.C. slab with an insulation layer and lime concrete terracing above, supported over R.S.Joist or R.C.C. beam as required. The height of rooms shall not be less than 3.7m (12 feet).

6. Flooring

Drawing room and dining room floors shall be mosaic (terrazzo). Bathroom and W.C. floor and dado shall be of mosaic (terrazzo).

Floors of bedroom shall be colored and polished of 2.5cm (1”) cement concrete over 7.5cm (3”) lime concrete. Floors of other shall be of 2.5cm (1”) cement concrete over 7.5cm (3”) lime concrete polished.

7. Doors & Windows

Doors and windows frame shall be of seasoned teak wood. Shuttering shall be of 3 cm teak wood thick paneled and partly glazed as required, with additional wire gauge shutter. All fitting shall be of brass.

Doors and windows shall be varnished or painted two coats with high-class enamel paints over one coat of priming. Windows shall be provided with iron grating or grills.

8. Miscellaneous

Rainwater pipes of cast iron or of asbestos cement shall be provided and finished with painting. The building shall be provided with 1st class Sanitary and Water Fittings and Electrical installations. 1 meter wide 7.5cm thick C.C. 1:3:3 apron shall be provided all around the building.

So these were the specifications of a first class building. If you have any questions let us know in the comments.

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