Things To Check Before Buying TMT Steel Bars For Construction

TMT Steel Bar Buying Guide

In this article, I will discuss things to check before buying TMT Steel bars. This guide will help you buy the best TMT, as they provide the much-needed stability and safety to a building structure.

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TMT steel bars are one of the most important constituents of the structural system. TMT bars are the most widely used steel bar today due to their high tensile strength, better elongation, and better bending strength.

The strength of the structure depends upon several factors such as design, quality of building materials, etc. Therefore, it is very important to choose good quality TMT steel bars for construction, whether you are constructing your dream home or a commercial building

Things To Check Before Buying TMT Steel Bars

1. Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process plays a vital role in making good quality TMT steel bars. With technological advancement, some new modern manufacturing process has been introduced, and many of the previously used techniques have become obsolete.


For instance, Cold twisted technology has become outdated now. Check whether the TMT bars are produced using the latest temp core technology or not. Tempore technology ensures greater flexibility and strength to the TMT bars.

2. TMT Grades

The strength of a TMT bar depends on its grades; the higher the grade, the higher will be the strength. In India, there are various grades available such as Fe415, Fe500, Fe 550 D, Fe 600, Fe 640, CRS 500D, CRS 550D, CRS 600, etc.

The higher-grade TMT bars can be used for infrastructure, industrial, and large-scale commercial construction work.

Whereas lower-grade TMT Bars are suitable for making railings, balconies, and decorative structures. Hence, check the TMT grades before buying and choose according to your requirement.

3. Brand Certification

Brand certification is another prime factor to consider while buying TMT bars. It is always advisable to choose TMT brands with BIS and ISO certifications. BIS and ISO certifications ensure that all the quality and safety standards have been followed.

4. Flexibility

Best quality TMT bars should have bendability and flexibility to withstand stress for a long period of time.  These properties ensure that the bars do not break or develop cracks upon bending but regain their shape and form. Cracks increase structural integrity problems.

In earthquake-prone areas or areas with high seismic activity, the flexibility of the bars helps the structure withstand high-degree shocks and seismic tension without crumbling down. So before buying, always check whether the TMT steel bars have sufficient flexibility or not. 

5. Corrosion Resistance

Corrosion in bars can create serious problems in buildings. Since TMT bars are continuously exposed to moist and other weathering conditions, they must be corrosion-resistant.

If the construction is going to be in a flood-prone or heavy rainfall-prone area, the anti-corrosive TMT steel bars will provide high damage resistance to the structure.

These TMT bars could either be CRS grade or epoxy coated. If you are buying TMT from a dealer, check the material storage conditions.

6. Elongation Capacity

Before buying, it is essential to check the elongation capacity of TMT Bars. Elongation indicates the ductility of the TMT Bar.

The higher ductile the TMT Bars are, the more you will save on construction, and it will also be cheaper to transport from one place to another.

7. Naked Eye Test

To do this test, you don’t need to be an expert. Just check whether the bars are rust-free and fresh or not. The end length of each pack ought to be of equivalent length. The bars should consist of the brand logo.

8. Compare Suppliers

Before buying TMT bars, you must consider comparing two or more suppliers to get an idea about which are the most selling TMT bars, their prices, and their qualities. Once you get an idea of the material, you can make a better choice for your construction.

So these are the things one should consider before buying TMT bars. I hope you now have enough knowledge about it. If you still have any queries, ask me in the comments.

“Happy Purchasing.”

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