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Useful Civil Engineering Abbreviation

Civil Engineering Abbreviation:

The common abbreviation used in civil engineering are as following:

A.A.S.H.T.O – American Association of state highway Transport Official.

A.C.I – American Concrete Institute.

A.R.E.A – American Railway Engineering Association.

A.B – Anchor  Bolt Or Asbestos Board

AC – Asphalt Concrete

A.S.C – Allowable Stress of concrete.

A.S.T.M – American society for testing materials

AC – Asbestos cement.

AE – Assistant Engineer

APM – Assistant Project Manager

B.M – Benchmark

B.M – Bending moment.

BLK – Block Work

BOQ – Bill Of Quantities

BRW – Brick Retaining Wall

BWK – Brick Work

B.O.F – Bottom Of Foundation

BHK – Bedroom, Hall, Kitchen

C.I.Pipe – Cast iron pipe.

C.I.Sheet – Corrugated Iron sheet.

CL- Centre Line

CRW – Concrete Retaining Wall

CBW – Concrete Block Wall

CIP – Cast In Place

CMU – Concrete Masonry Unit

CJ – Construction Joint

CC – Centre To Centre

CC – Cement concrete.

CE – Chief Engineer

CP – Cement plaster.

CPM – Critical path method.

CS – Comparative statement.

D – Diameter

DL – Development Length

Dia – Diameter

DIM – Dimension

D.L – Dead load.

DPC – Damp proof course.

DPR – Daily Progress Report

DRG – Drawings

DWLS – Dowels

EJ – Expansion Joint

E.L – Environmental load.

EL – Existing Load

EGL – Existing ground level.

ELCB – Earth Leak Circuit Breaker

F.M – Fineness Modulus.

Ft – Foot Or Feet

FL – Floor Level

FGL – Formation ground level.

FOC – Factor Of Safety

GL – Ground Level

GL – Ground level.

GP – Ground plane.

HFL – Highest Flood Level.

HAC – High Alumina Cement

HP – Horizontal plane.

IOM – Inter Office Memo

ISI – Indian standard institute.

JE – Junior Engineer

JST – Joist

Kg  – Kilogram.

L.L – Live load.

LW – Light  Weight

LWC – light Weight Concrete

LC – Lime concrete.

M – Meter

MM – Millimeter.

MB – Measurement book.

MCB – Miniature Circuit Breaker

MEP – Mechanical Electrical Plumbing

MFL – Maximum Flood Level

MRC – Material Receipt Challan

MT – Metric Tonnes

N – Newton

NCF – Neat cement finishing.

OPC – Ordinary Portland Cement

OGL – Original ground level.

OSR – Open Soace Reservation Area

PC – Pile Cap

PC – Precast Concrete

PCC – Plain Cement Concrete

PERT – Programme Evaluation and Review Technique.

PL – Plinth level.

PM – Project Manager

PO – Purchase Order

PPE – Personal Protective Equipment

PPR – Poly Propylene Random.

PVC – Poly vinyl choloride .

PVC – Polyvinyl Chloride

PSF – Pound Per Square Foot

PSI – Pound Per Square Inch

PWD – Permanent Works Engineer

QC – Quality control

QS – Quantity Surveyor

RC – Reinforced Concrete

R.B.W – Reinforced brick work.

RBC – Reinforced Brick concrete.

RCC – Reinforced Cement Concrete

RMC – Ready Mixed Concrete concrete.

RL – Reduced level.

SCC – Self Compacting Concrete

STP – Sewage Treatment Plant

SRC – Sulphate Resisting Cement

SWG – Standard wire gauge.

TB – Tie Beam

TBM – Tunnel Boring Machine

TDS – Total Dissolved Solids

TOB – Top Of Beam

TMT – Thermo Mechanical Treatment

TOC – Top Of Concrete

TOW – Top Of Wall

U.S.C – Ultimate stress of concrete.

UPVC – Unplasticized Polyvinyl chloride.

USD – Ultimate strength design.

VP – Vertical plane.

W.C – Water closet.

WL – Working Level

W.S.D – Working stress Design

WO –  Work Order

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