Waterproofing Of Concrete

Waterproofing Of Concrete:

A concrete is said to be well designed when it is properly mixed, compacted, cured and set for making impermeable itself. The uses of waterproofing agents should be kept away as much as possible for working in ordinary situations. A thick concrete with least conceivable air voids should accordingly be the essential thought in making of dampproof concrete. The accompanying conditions should be fulfilled to accomplish the waterproofing of concrete.

1. Utilize the best accessible material.

2. Proportionate the aggregates by using fineness modulus strategy.

3. Utilize just as much amount of water is required to get the desired workability.


4. Mix the concrete completely.

5. Proper supervision amid laying and compaction.

6. Finish the curing of concrete.

However, in specific cases such as water retaining structures, structures that are to be constructed in water-logged soil, or in soggy climate, it might be important to adopt additional precautions to assure water-tightness. This incorporates the expansion of certain waterproofing materials such as permo, sika, pudlo etc in the concrete mix at the time of mixing. This is named as integral waterproofing.

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