What Is Bitumen And Its Uses

What Is Bitumen And Its Uses:

Bitumen is the binding material present in asphalt. Sometimes it is also known as mineral tar. Bitumen is produced by partial distillation of crude petroleum.

it is chemically a hydrocarbon and insoluble in water. But it totally dissolves in alkalies, alkaline carbonates, benzol, chloroform, bisulphide, naptha, coal tar, petroleum spirit and oil of turpentine.

It is obtained from 87% carbon, 11% hydrogen and 2% oxygen (By weight). The bitumen is produced in solid or semi-solid state and black or brown in color.


Forms Of Bitumen:

The general forms of bitumen are as following

1. Bitumen Emulsion:

It is a liquid compound which contains a large amount of bitumen in aqueous medium. It is suspended by some appropriate stabilizing agents in the aqueous medium.

2 Cut-back Bitumen:

This form of bitumen is produced by fluxing asphaltic bitumen in presence of some liquid distillates of petroleum or coal tar. Cut-back bitumen can be used as bitumen paint in cold.

3 Blown Bitumen:

It is a special form of bitumen produced by passing air under pressure at a higher temperature. This type of bitumen can be used as heat insulating material, roofing and damp-proofing felts, producing asphalt pipe and joint fillers etc.

4 Plastic Bitumen:

It comprises of bitumen thinner and appropriate inert filler (40%-45%). Plastic bitumen can be used for filling cracks in masonry structures, stopping leakages etc.

5 Straight run Bitumen:

This type of bitumen is obtained by distillation of the bitumen to a definite viscosity or penetration without further treatment:

Application Of Bitumen:

  • Road Construction.
  • Hydraulics & erosion control Catchment areas, basins.
  • Dam groutings,
  • Dam linings,
  • Embankment protection
  • Dam linings,
  • Embankment protection
  • Ditch linings,  Reservoir linings
  • Reservoir linings
  • Jetties, Dyke protection
  • Dyke protection
  • Swimming pools
  • Waste ponds
  • Water barriers
  • Mattresses for levee & bank protection
  • Membrane linings,
  • Waterproofing
  • Revetments
  • Sand dune stabilization,
  • Drainage gutters,
  • Backed felts
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