Construction Equipment For Heavy Construction Works

Construction Equipment For Heavy Construction Works:

Construction Equipment
Construction Equipment

Every construction project involves different work process such as earth cutting, earth moving, hauling, concreting equipment, equipment for compaction and different construction materials etc. In case of small projects, manual labor with ordinary instruments are used. But when it is a large project we must need heavy construction equipment to finish the work comfortably. Here in this article equipment commonly used for heavy construction are given.

1. Tractor.

2. Bulldozer.

3. Grader.

4. Scraper.

5. Basic shovel.

6. Drag Line.

7. Clam Shell.

8. Power Shovel.

9. Back Hoe.

10. Dumper Trucks.

11. Road roller.

12. Sheep’s Root Roller.

13. Electric Over Head Crane.

14. Whirler Crane.

15. Single Cable Rope Way.

16. Belt Conveyor.

17. Concrete Mixer.

18. Pumpcrete.

19. Concrete Vibrator.

20. Crusher Machine.

21. Paver.

22. Excavator.

23. Reach Truck etc.

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