Advantages Of Quality Control Of Concrete

Quality Control Of Concrete:

Concrete is mainly prepared at the construction site using locally accessible materials of variable properties. Hence the concrete strength differs from one batch to another batch over a time period. The variation in concrete strength depends on several factors such as variation in the materials quality, mix proportion, batching, mixing techniques, handling, and workmanship. These variations are unavoidable during concrete production.

Therefore it is essential to control these variations to reduce the contrast between the minimum strength and characteristic mean strength of the concrete mix and consequently diminishing the quantity of cement substance. The method which controls this distinction is known as quality control of concrete.

The main goal of quality control is to lowering the above variations and manufacture a uniform material using the appropriate characteristics regarding the job.

Advantages Of Quality Control Of Concrete:

The various advantages of quality control are as following.


1. Quality control ensures the logical use of the available materials after testing their properties and reducing the cost.

2. Without quality control, there is no guarantee that the weakness of one area will be compensated in another by over spending in that area. In that case, quality control offers the best solution.

3. Quality control helps to minimize the risks of overdesign that reduces the overall cost.

4. Quality control promotes the completion of a project by checking the concrete production and rectifying the faults at every stage.

5. It reduces the repair and maintenance cost.

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  1. Interesting article about quality control and concrete. I hadn’t considered that quality control can help reduce overall costs by preventing overdesign. To be honest, I didn’t know that this could be a problem. Kind of interested to learn more about what overdesign can look like for concrete, and also how it specifically affects a project.

  2. Please provide comprehensive quality system rather than publishing only isolated one. Many more points are required to be covered for QR compliance-What about Method Statements related to various concrete elements & durability parameters & reliability of RCC material


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