Cement Concrete Roads – Advantages And Disadvantages

Cement Concrete Road

Cement Concrete Roads:

The roads having their wearing surface consisting of cement concrete (plane or reinforced) are known as cement concrete roads or concrete roads.

These roads are types of rigid pavements and remain in serviceable condition under all weather conditions. Thus concrete roads are also considered as all weather roads. Due to their excellent riding surface, pleasing appearance and long life under most severe traffic conditions, cement concrete roads are much preferred.

Cement concrete roads are superior to most other types of roads including bituminous roads. These roads are very popular as high cost pavements in developed countries like America, Russia, Japan etc.

Advantages Of Cement Concrete Roads:

1. Concrete roads have long life than any other roads.


2. These roads are durable and are practically unaffected by weathering agencies.

3. They provide an excellent riding surface under all weather conditions.

4. They provide an impervious, dustless and sanitary surface.

5. They do not develop corrugations.

6 Can be laid on any subgrade.

7. Can be easily reinforced when they are to resist high stresses due to heavy wheel loads of the traffic.

8. Concrete roads are non slipery and offer less tractive resistance.

9. They provide good visibility for traffic during night hours.

10. Maintenance cost is low.

Disadvantages Of Cement Concrete Roads:

1. The initial cost of concrete roads is high.

2. They are liable to crack and warp due to temperature variations.

3. Become noisy under iron-tyred traffic.

4. Skilled supervision and labour are required for construction.

5. less resilient than bituminous or W.B.M roads.

6. Require long time for curing and thus cannot be opened to traffic earlier.

7. It is very difficult to locate and repair sewers and water mains lying under the pavement in their case.

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