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How To Calculate Quantity Of Soil/Sand For Filling Plot

How To Calculate Quantity Of Soil/Sand For Filling Plot:

Soil filling is one of the essential features required for every construction projects. So that the site gets developed and prepared for construction. In this article, We will discuss how to calculate the quantity of soil/sand and no. of trally/tucks required for filling plot.


Length of the plot = 40 feet.

Width of the plot = 30 feet.

Area of the plot = Length x Width = 40 x 30 =1200 sft.

Suppose we need to fill the plot by 3’5” = 3.41 feet.

∴ Depth of the plot = 3.41 feet.

Volume of plot to be filled = 1200 x 3.41 = 4092 cft.

This volume is for loose state.

For full compacted state, required quantity of soil/sand for filling the plot = 4092 x 1.30 = 5319.6 cft= 5320 cft. (1.30 is factor)

Now we will calculate required no of trally/ trucks.

Suppose a trally can carry 70 cft soil.

∴ No. of trally rerquired = 5320/70 = 58.45 = 76 no. of trally.

Suppose a truck can carry 500 cft.

∴ No. of trucks required = 5320/500 = 11 no. of trucks.


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  1. what if the land is not level, how can we get the volume of the site.

  2. I like such civil engineering works because I am also a technical person working in the field and at construction site….

  3. Thanks to dailycivil for good work

  4. Please define how to take the value of Factor of safe of soil compaction.

  5. The factor 1.3 is from which code book.

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