POP Vs Putty | Difference Between POP And Wall Putty

POP (Plaster of Paris) and wall putty are two important finishing materials used in buildings. Many homeowners get confused while selecting one between these two materials for interior works. In this article, we will briefly discuss the difference between pop and wall putty. I hope this POP Vs Wall Putty comparison will surely help you choose the correct material for your dream home.


There are various steps in constructing a building starting from drawing the plan of the building to the finishing of the building. Finishing is the last part of the construction and it is one of the most critical aspects to be looked at.

Because the finishing defines the appearance of the structure and it also represents the durability of the structure by cloaking it from any change in the outside weather condition.

Besides these, the home renovation also means a fantastic finish which requires a finishing coat for a smooth and sophisticated look. Some vital components of building finishing are POP (Plaster of Paris) and wall putty.

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What Is POP?

Plaster of Paris or POP is a kind of white powder made from Gypsum. It is used to give fresh coats to the walls, to give shapes to the structure, and to create caste. When moistened, it gives a quick finishing by hardening up quickly.

Plaster of Paris is made by heating gypsum to a high temperature, forming calcium sulfate, and then grinding the substance to a fine powder.

What Is Wall Putty?

Wall putty is also a power made from white cement, i.e. White Portland Cement. Polymers and filler are the other two ingredients of wall putty. It is also known as paint putty.

It derives many characteristics from parent class cement-like high adhesiveness which gives a longer lifespan to the substrate and provides additional strength to the wall.

Sometimes it creates confusion in the architecture when it comes to providing the right finishing on a structure. For this, we have to go for basic details and differences between these two building materials. It will help us in finding a better option.

Difference Between POP And Wall Putty

We have prepared a quick comparison table for POP vs Wall Putty which is given below.

POP VS Wall Putty:

      Particulars        Plaster of Paris(POP)                        Wall Putty
Best to be applied onOn interior walls onlyBoth on the interior and exterior walls
Binding propertyHas a very low binding propertySince it is a cement-based product, it has a very high binding property
Thickness1inch, it can cover all the undulations of the plastered wallMaximum thickness cannot be more than 3 mm, but the ideal thickness is 1.5 mm
StrengthLow in strengthIt has good tensile adhesion, compressive strength
DurabilityLess durableHighly durable
Average setting time5-7minutes2 hours
UsesUsed for wall finish, castings, and making decorative featuresFills gaps and pores in the walls and ceiling to smooth them out.
FinishGives a leveled surfaceIt cannot give a perfect level surface like POP
Fire resistanceIt is fire-resistant because of the presence of gypsumLess fire resistant
Skill for applyIt is very easy to applyNeeds some amount of skills
Application surfaceIt cannot be applied on a moist surface.It can be applied on a moist surface, no water curing is required.

Apply Procedures:

1. Wall Putty:

The walls need to be clean first. Cleaning of the wall is done with the help of a hard metal brush and the surface of cement and sand can be seen clearly. To smoothen a wall emery paper is also used.

Wall putty is used to straighten and smoothen the walls, for that, we have to make sure that there is no uneven surface. Usually, two coats of putty are applied to a wall.

After application of the first coat, some time is given to dry the coat. After that, the surface is smoothened with emery paper and then a second coat is applied. With this practice, we will get a very good layer with a smoother finish.

pop vs putty

Application Of Wall Putty
Source: gm-restoration-ny.com

2. Plaster Of Paris (POP):

Generally, builders apply a very thick layer of POP directly on the brick walls, But in earlier days it was applied after the sand and cement plaster.

i) Where in-wall putty is not possible, we can apply a 5mm to 12 mm thick layer of POP on a wall. We can apply POP from 1.5 mm to 3 mm layer thickness.

ii) We cannot apply POP on an exterior wall because it won’t last for long. So POP Gypsum plaster is used for interior parts only.

iii) There are two types of POP applied on the wall: Patra finish and Patti finish. The rates of both are different.

iv) POP plaster doesn’t crack, shrink and fade.

v) If we apply primer coat after Gypsum POP, it will absorb fewer paints. So it will reduce the cost.

vi) If we want to make an ornament and other curvy works on a wall or ceiling, Gypsum POP plaster is the best material to use which gives a tremendous finish.

Application Plaster of Paris (POP)

POP Vs Wall Putty – Which Is The Better Option?

From the above comparison and discussion, we have seen that both the building materials have advantages and disadvantages of their own. Wall putty has many plus points against POP. In another hand, POP designs bring their delicacy and sophistication to our homes.

Gypsum POP has limited uses which include coating the interior walls, false ceilings, and architectural designs. Wall putty also can do the same and also be used to fill the cracks, which gives a smooth finish to the walls.

Wall putty has greater strength more compressive strength and tensile and have more binding property. POP material is environmentally friendly and can reduce the temperature of indoor rooms and acts as an insulator.

So when it comes to making a choice, one can choose as per their interior design needs. Above all, it is about style and durability which are needed in every home renovation.

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