Prestressed Concrete

Advantages and disadvantages of prestressed concrete can be listed as follows:

Advantages of Prestressed Concrete:

1. Prestressed concrete members are free from cracks and the resistance to the effect of impact, shock, and stresses are higher than rcc structures.

2. Longevity of prestressed structure is greater than rcc structure because the reinforcement stays unaffected from outer agencies.

3. High compressive strength of concrete and high tensile strength of steel are used for prestressing that makes it more economical.

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4. Smaller sections can be used for longer span by reducing the section of members.

5. Prestressed members are lighter in weight and easily transportable.

6. It requires a smaller amount of construction materials.

7. The shear resistance of members can be increased by using curved tendons.

8. Prestressing also reduces the diagonal tension in concrete.

Disadvantages Of Prestressed Concrete:

1. The main disadvantage of prestressing is that it requires some special equipment like jacks, anchorage etc, which pretends the use of prestressing.

2. High tensile steel is required for prestressing that is very difficult to procure.

3. It requires highly skilled workers and should be prepared under expert supervision.

4. It is costlier than other rcc structures.

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