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Role Of Civil Engineer As Quality Assurance Engineer At Construction Site

Role Of Civil Engineer As Quality Assurance Engineer:

1. Develop and determine all standards to perform inspection and tests on all procedures and oversee all testing methods and maintain high standards of quality for all processes.

2. Review quality of all materials at site and ensure compliance with all project specifications and quality and collaborate with the department for all material procurement and maintain the quality of materials.

3. Supervise effective implementation of all test and inspection schedule and ensure adherence to all procedures and coordinate with various teams to perform quality audits on processes.

4. Assist with employees to ensure knowledge of all quality standards and ensure compliance with all quality manual and procedures and collaborate with contractors and suppliers to maintain quality of all systems.

5. Manage to lift all equipment and handle efficient storage of all hazardous materials and perform quality audits as per required schedule.

6. Analyze all products and non-conformance processes and evaluate all documents to ensure maintenance of optimal quality and prepare monthly reports to evaluate performance.

7. Monitor an efficient system and record for all project activities and analyze all processes to ensure all work according to quality requirements.

8. Manage all work methods and maintain knowledge on all quality assurance standards and monitor continuous application for all quality assurance processes and recommend corrective actions for all processes.

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