Checklist For Masonry Work

Checklist For Masonry Work:

The masonry work checklist is as following:

1. Availability of the materials according to everyday necessity and reports of tests.

2. Cleaning work zone of free concrete/material.

3. Appropriate bundling of blocks/bricks.


4. Quality of the bricks/sand after testing.

5. Wetting of the bricks.

6. Frames of doors assuming any, erected in right position.

7. Recheck outline. (Room measurements, diagonals, arrangement with one layer of brick wall, position of door openings etc.

8. Check mortar preparation and arrangement of platform.

9. Check the thickness of mortar.

10. Check the plumb.

11. Check the amount of silt content in sand.

12. Chek cleaning of dead mortars.

13. Check completed level/mix proportion/Rt angle.

14. Check raking/curing.

15. Check for any expansion or modification.

16. Check for accurate pointing, packing and finishing.

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