Core Cutter Test

Core Cutter Test:

core cutter test
Core Cutter Instrument


Core cutter test is performed to evaluate the in-situ dry density of soil.


1. Cylindrical Core Cutter.

2. Steel Dolly.

3. Steel Rammer.

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4. Weighing Machine.

5. Straight Edge

6. Steel Rule.

7. Knife

Procedure Of Test:

1. Take the measurement of the height and inside diameter of the core cutter.

2. Take the weight of the empty core cutter (W1).

3. Clean and level the surface of an area (300 mm2) where the test is to be performed.

4. Set the steel dolly on the top of the core cutter and use the steel rammer to push to its full depth.

5. use a crow bar to scoop the soil around the cutter.

6. Now lift the cutter quietly without bothering the soil in it.

7. Shear the top and bottom surface of the cutter then clean its outside surface.

8. Measure the weight of the cutter with the soil. (W2).

9. Finally, use a sample ejector to remove the soil from the cutter and determine the water content in the soil.


The unit weight of soil is calculated by the below given formula.

γwet = (W2-W1)/V


W1 = Weight of the empty core cutter.

W2 = Weight of the core cutter with soil.

V = Volume of the core cutter (πd2h/4)

d = Inside diameter of the core cutter.

h = Height of the core cutter.

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