Difference Between Plastering And Pointing

Difference Between Plastering And Pointing:

Plastering and pointing are two common terms in building construction. However, both are not same. The difference between plastering and pointing are as following:

1. The main object of plastering is to protect the exposed surface of the masonry. That’s why mortar is applied to the total surface of the masonry. But in pointing only joints are properly filled with mortar.

2. Cement, sand, lime mortar is used in plastering. But only cement mortar is used in pointing.

3. Plastering is done both the inside and outside surfaces. Pointing is done only on the outside parts.

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4. Larger amount of materials is required in plastering work. On the other hand, less amount of material is required in pointing.

5 After plastering the surface becomes smooth, and plain. It gives a better appearance to the structure. But After pointing the surface do not becaome plain as plastering.

6. After plastering the defects of masonry are not visible, but the defects of masonry can be seen in case of pointing.

7. Plastering can be done in all types of brick surface. Pointing is only suitable for first class bricks.


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