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Bamboo As Reinforcement – Is Bamboo Stronger Than Steel?

Bamboo As Reinforcement:

Bamboo is used as construction material in certain areas of different countries. Bamboo is also used in reinforcement as an alternative to steel reinforcement. But is it trustworthy to use bamboo as reinforcement? Or is bamboo stronger than steel? Let us discuss this below.

Bamboo has a great tensile strength (resistance to being pulled apart) than steel and it can withstand compression better than concrete.

Bamboo has an impermeable protective layer on the outside which protects it from rotting due to water or moisture.

bamboo as reinforcement

Advantages Of bamboo As Reinforcement:

1. Bamboo is an extremely strong natural fiber.

2. It has a high tensile strength.

3. Due to its hollow structure, it is highly flexible.

4. Lightweight compared to steel.

5. Low cost and environment-friendly.

6. It has great shock-absorbing capacity.

Disadvantages Of Bamboo As Reinforcement:

The biggest part which discourages the useĀ of bamboo as reinforcement is its disadvantages.

1. Less durable than steel, cannot be used in permanent structures.

2. Shrinking problems.

3. More prone to environmental degradation and insect attack.

4. Can not be used in cold climates.

5. It does not have a longer life compared to steel.

6. Low modulus of elasticity, poor adherence to the concrete mix.

7. Due to the lower modulus of elasticity, it can crack and deflect more than steel reinforcement.

So from the above discussion, we can see bamboo is a strong natural fiber. But there are lots of limitations to using bamboo as reinforcement. In my opinion, I advise you to use high tensile steel for stable and permanent structures.

Any question? let me know in the comments below.

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