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Difference Between OPC And PPC

Difference Between OPC and PPC

OPC and PPC are the most common types of cement widely used in construction works. And both are good in their own field of construction. Sometimes we need to know which cement is better between OPC Vs PPC to choose one for specific use. So, In this article, we will discuss the basic difference between OPC and PPC.



OPC or ordinary portland cement is the basic type of cement which is used in all type of construction work. The basic properties of this cement are listed below:

1. This type of cement has adhesive and cohesive properties, therefore it forms a good bond with other materials.

2. This cement is comparatively finer and particles are very small.

3. It has low resistance to sulfate reaction.

4. This cement produces greater heat of hydration, therefore more concentrated curing is required.

5. The rate of gaining strength, drying shrinkage, and resistance to cracking of ordinary portland cement is moderate.

6. This cement is slightly costly compared to PPC.

7. Mainly used in RCC buildings, pavements, culverts, tanks, and all other structures where the heat of hydration will not cause any defect.

opc vs ppc


PPC means portland pozzolana cement. This cement is produced either by uniformly blending 60 to 80% portland cement and 20 to 40% fine pozzolana or by grinding portland cement clinker and pozzolana.

Pozzolana is natural active material such as volcanic or fly ash, pumice, or an artificial product such as burnt clay or shale containing silicious and aluminous mineral substances. The basic properties of this cement are given below:

1. This cement has a lower heat of hydration and requires normal curing.

2. Initial strength is low but final strength is similar to OPC 33 grade cement.

3. This cement has good resistance to chemical agencies like sulphate.

4. It can also resist attack by seawater better than OPC.

5. The rate of strength development is lower than OPC.

6. PPC has the same 7 days compressive strength as OPC.

7. This cement is suitable for hydraulic works, construction in seawater, and for mass concrete works.

8. This cement is slightly less costly than OPC.

So, from the above comparison, we can see there is not much difference between OPC and PPC. The only difference is in early strength development, heat of hydration, sulphate resistance, and curing period.

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