What Is Carpet Area, Built Up Area, Super Built Up Area & Setback Area

In this article, we will discuss the difference between carpet area, built up area, super built up area, and set back area. This will help you to get some knowledge if you are going to buy a flat or house.

What Is Plot Area?

Plot area commonly known as site area is a piece of land enclosed by definite boundaries. The mean horizontal distance between the front and rear site boundaries is known as depth of the plot area.

What Is Built Up Area Or Plinth Area?

Built up area is the total covered area measured at the floor level of the basement or of any storey. That means the area covered by a typical building or flat. It is also known as the plinth area.

Areas included in built-up area:

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Bedrooms, living room, hall, balcony, kitchen, bathroom, utility area, shafts, staircase, terrace, verandah, Wall thickness.

What Is Super Built Up Area?

The built-up area plus common proportionate areas such as swimming pool, garden, park, gym, playground etc is known as super built-up area.

Areas included in super built-up area:

Swimming pool, garden, park, gym, playground, clubhouse, and other amenities.

super built up area

What Is Carpet Area?

Carpet area is the actual area that can be covered with a carpet or the area excluding the thickness of the inner walls of built-up area. In simple words, It is the internal space within the walls which you can actually use. Usually, carpet area is around 70 -90 % of the built-up area.

carpet area

Area Included In Carpet Area:

Rooms: Bedrooms, living room, drawing room, study room, dining room, dressing room, and all other Rooms.



Store room.

Balconies within the Property unit.

A staircase within the Property unit.

Area that does not cover Carpet Area:

External and internal walls of house/building.

Common areas such as lobby, lift, stairs, play area, etc.


Utility Ducts & Interior Part.

How To Calculate Carpet Area?

Method 1:

Here is the carpet area formula you can actually use

Carpet area = Built up area – Wall area



Built-up area  = 1000 sq.ft

Wall area = 300 sq.ft

∴ Carpet area = 1000 – 300 = 700 sq.ft

Method 2:

Measure all the usable area of the building and add them together.

For this, you need to measure wall to wall distance of all rooms like bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, etc and add them to get the carpet area.

What Is Setback Area?

The area on all sides of the plot boundaries laid down by the local municipal authority beyond which nothing can be constructed toward the plot boundary is known as setback area.

The line usually parallels to the plot area on each side is call setback line. This area helps a building to get more daylight and fresh air to the street level.

built up area

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