Types Of Bay Windows

What Is Bay Window?

A bay window is a multi-panel window that extends beyond the outside wall of a building. A bay or an interior recess is created by the outward protrusion, which is stabilized by the sill height wall.

The most common internal angles for bay windows, which are often rectangular or polygonal, are 90°, 135°, and 150°. The overall construction comprises a picture window on one side and two smaller windows on the other.

Although bay windows were first used in designs during the English Renaissance period to make a room appear larger, provide wider views, and let more natural light than a window flush with a wall line.

They are now a popular feature of Victorian home architecture. By concealing a lower portion, we can use the interior recess of this window for storage purposes. 

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These windows not only offer a stunning panoramic view of the outside, but they also efficiently attract the sun into your home. Because of its tilted form, which allows natural light to enter from multiple directions.

Bay window
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Bay windows are more effective than ordinary flat windows. Natural light increases productivity and comfort while providing the cerebral and visual stimulation needed to keep the circadian cycle.

Because it combines three windows into one, they let in more natural light. Because light flows in from all directions, an angled arrangement of side windows allows for optimal daylighting.

Bay window is one of the best windows for giving much-needed ventilation to your rooms due to its large size. The central window, which is usually fixed, such as a picture window, can be opened, whereas we can open the two side windows.

When it comes to specialty windows, bay windows are the most effective since they give your home additional room and depth.

A bay window protrudes from the wall, giving you more physical space, offering a beautiful view that can increase the appeal of any room. Many individuals, however, value them not only for their appearance but also for their functionality.

Types Of Bay Windows

1. Canted Bay Windows

The canted bay window is a modern version of the conventional bay window where two sloped sides offset the flat front.

These windows are exclusively located on the first floor of houses or businesses; they are not seen on the second, third, or fourth floors. If you genuinely need a large bay window on the first level that lets in a lot of natural light, this is the alternative for you.

The front panel of a window is level and parallel to the house facade, whereas the side panel slants out. A canted bay window has at least three, and usually four, independent windows.

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2. Box Bay Windows

Box bay windows are box-shaped and feature a 90-degree angle. It usually has one large window in the middle and smaller windows on either side and storage or a sitting area. These bay windows are typically used to display ornaments or plants.

The box is usually positioned below your head height and is occasionally placed in a kitchen to provide vision and light without disrupting the shape of the house. These windows are a more cost-effective option than others.

3. Oriel Windows

The oriel window is the most traditional type of bay window. These windows are generally found above a building’s entrance, around a porch, and are not connected to the ground.

If you want a more dramatic, appealing window or a bay window on a higher floor, this is the style to go for. These windows have a Gothic look; thus, they would be appropriate for an older home.

The oriel windows are notable for their potential for stunning aesthetics, as they usually incorporate magnificent wood, stone, or even other materials along the bottom of the facade. They can be built on any floor of a house or structure.

4. Circluale Bay Windows

During the English Victorian era of the 1870s, this type of bay window was popular. It differs from the other three types in that it is larger and has more ornamentation.

These windows can reach a height of six feet and span three feet across the structure. A cone-shaped roof is also an option. This window style isn’t prevalent, yet it’s still popular among fashionable households.

A square-shaped window with a triangular or circular base is known as a circular bay window. The Bow Bay has a more gentle curvature than the other types.


Despite its apparent expensive cost, a lovely bay window is well worth its weight in gold. It has numerous benefits and can even boost the market value of your home.

What’s not to enjoy about such a classic feature that offers many advantages? If a homeowner wants to modify their current living or family room and maybe sell their property in the future, it is unquestionably a worthwhile investment.

It should not be difficult to find these windows. Professional window installation companies will take care of everything for you.

They’ll make sure that your window is placed correctly and that it comes with a variety of high-quality features, not to mention a warranty.

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