Types Of Houses | 20+ House Types With Pictures

In this article, we will discuss 20+ different types of houses.

What Is A House?

A house is one of the basic needs of humans to protect themselves against the weather and life threats. Early humans lived in caves and other natural shelters. But with the advancement of time, humans started building their houses.

Consequently, the construction of houses led to the development of villages and towns. Thus, house construction marked the start of civilizations. The size of a house depends upon the needs of its residents. And, the house shape relies on the design and space availability.

Similarly, the locality, cost, design, and geographical conditions govern a house type. The present article enlists the 21 types of houses that are common across the world.

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Different Types Of House

1. Flat / Apartment

A flat (American English- Apartment) is a housing unit in a building owned by a single entity. A housing unit shares the wall with adjacent units, and it has a bedroom, kitchen, hall, bathroom, and toilet.

Based on the number of rooms in a unit, the flats are often referred to as 1 BHK, 2 BHK, etc. In addition, a unit is rented or leased to the tenants who pay the lump sum or monthly rent/lease.

1. Flat / Apartment
Source: commonfloor.com

2. Detached House

A detached house is for a single-family, and such houses are quite popular in North American suburbs. The house is separate from adjacent properties, and it has a lawn, a driveway, and a porch. It may also have a backyard in some cases.

A detached home offers privacy and much space to the residents. Since the property is detached, it has a higher resale value, and however, it also has a higher maintenance cost.

Detached House

3. Bungalow

A bungalow is a small single storey house. The term bungalow comes from the term ‘Bengali home.’ A bungalow has a raised front porch connected with 2-3 stairs. The front porch is covered at the top and is a place to sit and relax.

Source: houseplans.com

4. Villa

A villa is an Italian version of a chateau (French). It is characterized by luxury and style. Rich people own villas of king size to ultra-large ones.

The villas have a lawn, pool and are often surrounded by greenery. Villas have popularity among the people because of space, privacy, and exclusivity.

Source: myistria.com

5. Manor

A manor is an English-styled chateau built on a big countryside property. The manor has an old-style design with a beautiful garden.

Manor house
Source: thetimes.co.uk

6. Mansion

A mansion is a big-sized house. The exact definition of the area of a mansion is still under debate. However, the mansions have good architectural design and host many modern amenities.

Mansion house
Source: unsplash.com

7. Castle

Castles were built surrounded by a water body for kings and queens. They are old buildings and are now preserved as heritage buildings. The castles had all the facilities and amenities for residential purposes and kept them safe against attacks.

Source: veranda.com

8. Palace

A palace is home of the king or a queen. Buckingham Palace is one of the most famous palaces in the world and still houses Britain’s royal family. A large palace has beautiful architecture with many rooms, halls, and gardens.

Source: thetimes.co.uk

9. Fort

A fort was built on a strategic location generally higher altitude to protect the interest of the empire.

Source: housing.com

10. Condominium

Like the flat, a condominium is a collection of housing units in a building. And a condominium unit is 1BHK, 2BHK, etc., depending upon the number of rooms in the unit. However, every condominium unit has a separate owner, and the unit owner may live in it or rent the unit.

Every condominium owner owns the unit’s interior and shares a chunk in the land. Also, the owner shares a percentage and right to use the common areas like parking, gym, basement, terrace, etc.

Condominium house
Source: thehouseshop.com

11. Town House

A townhouse is a 2-3 storey single entity owned house which shares the wall with the adjacent houses on one more side. It is common in metropolitan areas.

The townhouse owner owns the entire property and is hence responsible for maintaining the same. Generally, a single-family stays in a townhouse.

Town House
Source: bankrate.com

12. Co-operative

A co-operative is similar in construction and design to a flat and a condominium. But the difference lies in property ownership. A co-operative member owns a percentage of the property and not the entire unit.

Every co-operative has an association of its’ members. The association holds the right to allow or restrict a new buyer to buy the co-operative property following the rules. Also, the co-operative members share the maintenance cost.

Source: weforum.org

13. Dormitory

A dormitory (dorm) is a type of house that offers minimalist living. The rooms or halls house the beds. The bathroom, toilets, dining area are common for all the residents.

A dorm is a large building that has rooms. A single entity owns all the beds and property, and the residents pay rent to live in a dorm. Dorms are popular among students and travelers for their cheap rent.

Source: tuat.ac.jp

14. Farmhouse

A farmhouse is built in the countryside. In earlier times, the farmhouse was built to accommodate the farmers and the workers.

Nowadays, the farmhouse is also used as a vacation home. It is characterized by a one-story low-built house surrounded by a farm.

Source: tatacapital.com

15. Hut

The hut is the first type of home built by humans. It is a single-story house made with natural material including stone, mud, wood, dry grass.

It is also the cheapest house as most materials are available free of cost. Huts are still in use in poverty-ruled regions across the world.

Source: en.wiktionary.org

16. Igloo

An igloo is a dome-shaped house made of ice and snow. It is built in extremely cold regions. The ice has an insulation property, and it protects the residents from the chilling outdoor weather. Natives of the Arctic live in an igloo.

Source: indianexpress.com

17. Treehouse

A treehouse is built on a tree. The primary construction material of a treehouse is wood. The shape is rectangular or square, and the size depends upon the tree on which it is built.

The treehouse has a ladder that facilitates the movement to and from the ground. A treehouse is mainly built for kids, and hunters and wildlife enthusiasts also built a treehouse in jungles.

Source: luxuriousmagazine.com

18. Boathouse

A boathouse is a type of house built on a boat. The boathouse is used in a river, lake, or pond, and it provides the flexibility of moving across the water body. However, it has a higher maintenance cost.

A boathouse is small to medium in size and made of wood. They are quite popular worldwide, for example, Vancouver, Portland, Seattle, Kashmir (Shikara Boat).

Source: archdaily.com

19. Cottage

Cottage houses gained popularity in England and soon followed throughout the world. The cottages are small in size and were built and used by working-class people, and it is easily recognizable owing to its’ small porch and fireplace.

A cottage is often used as a vacation home in the US for holidays. However, some also use it as a primary residence.

Source: collinsdictionary.com

20. Mobile Home

A mobile home is a type of house on wheels. It has a towing arrangement that connects to a tow truck or a tractor. It can be moved anywhere across the land as and when required. However, the towing is very occasional and can’t be performed frequently.

The mobile home has a small kitchen, bathroom and toilet, water storage tank, and sewage. They are suitable for people who keep moving from one place to another for work or fun.

Mobile Home
Source: realtor.com

21. Container House

A goods container is converted into a unit for living. They are also popular as a temporary office. One or more containers are joined together to transform into a cozy house for a house.

A container home is cheaper than a conventional home as it costs the container, interior works, and little exterior finishing. Another advantage of container houses is that they are portable.

Container units are prepared at a workshop and transported to the site, and the units are then assembled at the site to make a complete home.

Container House

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