Tips To Reduce The Cost Of Building A House

The cost of building a house differs from plan to plan. It is always essential to provide an economical design to the house owner. Civil engineers and architects use their professional experience and technical skills to minimize the cost of a project where it is possible.

In this article, I will give you some basic ideas which can be used to reduce the overall cost of constructing a residential building or house. But these are just basic ideas, never compromise with the quality and strength to reduce the cost.

Tips To Reduce The Cost Of Building A House:

1. Square shaped structure has more advantages than a rectangular-shaped structure. It saves almost 15 -20% walls than a rectangular shape of the same structure.

2. For a 2 storey building half number of rooms should be constructed on the ground floor and the other half rooms on the upper floor. Because construction on the upper floor is about 25% cheaper than the ground floor.

3. The cost can be reduced by making outer walls thicker than the inner walls.

4. Time should always be maintained. The work should be started in due time without any delay. Delay in starting the work will increase the total cost of the project.

5. Avoid unnecessary structural members just for beautification in architectural design.

6. Hire good Civil/Structural Engineers/Architects.

7. Construction work should be done by skilled workers.

8. Make sure the building design layout is easy to understand to the contractor and workers.

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7 thoughts on “Tips To Reduce The Cost Of Building A House”

  1. You pointed out that the client should hire civil/structural engineer/Architect; I don’t know what country you are but in the UK and Nigeria-the expert Building production manager who is called a Builder is the key professional required for getting your building first-time-right and at the best possible cost.
    The importance of Builders in any construction of Building cannot be overemphasized.


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